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  • Versions LP Track Notes: 02 Love Is Stronger feat. Diz

    Joshua Iz Versions LP track 02 Love Is Stronger feat. Diz track notes.
  • Versions LP Track Notes: 01 Jazzamania

    Joshua Iz Versions LP track 01 Jazzamania track notes.
  • Joshua Iz - Versions LP Out Now

    Joshua Iz Versions LP out now on Vizual Records, Bandcamp, and all fine digital and streaming outlets.
  • Pioneer XDJ-RX First Impressions

    When I saw the first press releases for the Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Console it looked like it had all the features I was looking for in a home unit: dual USBs, full Rekordbox support, computer and mobile phone connectivity plus all the crucial filters and effects from Pioneer's high-end DJ mixers.
  • Strange Competition

    In the new sharing and gig economy, retail competition can come from less obvious places.