These track notes are short insights into the inspiration and motivation behind the tracks on the 'Versions' LP by Joshua Iz

This track was inspired by Eli Escobar's remix of Joi Cardwell's 'We Can Do Better' - one of my favorite tracks of 2017. Eli's remix uses a great disco loop which I will let the readers discover on their own.

For 'Jazzamania' I used a different loop of the same original track and just by chance the sounds in that loop sound like someone saying 'jazzamania'. In the end it was an attempt to mix some dub stylings with a disco track which has been done before but I utilized some old school mixing techniques on newer machines like the AKAI Professional MIDIMix.

The MIDIMix is a simple MIDI mixing console but it's programmable and I was able to map buttons and knobs to some dub effects to make a live mix. This technique was used elsewhere on 'Versions' as well.